#CelebrateImagination: A fundraiser to change literacy rates in Ontario

Centennial College's post-graduate PR students hosts #CelebrateImagine tonight on the Danforth.
Centennial College’s post-graduate PR students host #CelebrateImagination on Tues. March 10 on the Danforth.

Imagine not being able to read this sentence, while also being a young parent with a child to look after. Not having basic literacy skills might make it challenging for you to get or keep a job. Twenty per cent of adults in Ontario do not have basic literacy skills, meaning this hypothetical situation is very real.

The post-graduate public relations students at Centennial College are doing their part to change this statistic!

On Tues. March 10, the PR students are hosting #CelebrateImagination in support of Literature for Life, a non-profit organization in Toronto that is doing their best to help women who face these issues develop skills in order to live better lives. These women are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, cousins and neighbours.

In May 2014, we shared Huda Eldardiry’s story. She is a young, single mom living in Toronto whose life changed completely at 19 when she learned she was two months pregnant with her son, Amiel, who is now six.

She had low self-esteem, difficulty speaking English and trouble understanding basic math and science. How could Eldardiry make an income to support her baby if she was unable to take care of herself? Since Eldardiry got involved with Literature for Life, though, she has not only found a job that she is passionate about but also shares her newfound love of reading with her son. Amiel will now grow up with the skills he needs to succeed and teach others about how reading can give the gift of life.

Starting at 7:00pm at the Fox and the Fiddle located at 535 Danforth Ave., Toronto will have the chance to help other moms like Eldardiry. They can also participate in a trivia scavenger hunt, receive prizes, experience a live reading and try themed food and drinks!


Minutes from Pape Station on the Bloor/Danforth Line, VIPs from Literature for Life, the PR students, faculty from Centennial and their family and friends will also be available for a mix and mingle.

To give back to Literature for Life, click here.

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