Photo Friday: The Nature of Oz

How do you choose photos to encompass a four-week long trip to Australia, where stops are made in Sydney, NSW, Perth, WA, Brisbane, QLD and Airlie Beach, QLD? You stare at all 967 of your photos and debate over which memories make you smile more and the exact photo that made you think, “Yes, this is one I’ll share.”

Five weeks away from home (four in Australia, one in Vancouver), nine flights, gorgeous weather and beautiful adventures has lead to this summarizing photo collection of my month down under, where I was for work purposes (and some exploring, of course).

Though I could include many more images of breathtaking beaches and cuddly koalas, these photos below perfectly represent my favourite moments in Australia. They were moments of pure silence and discovery, things that are so easy to forget when at home, following the same routine. From the seashells and the warm sand beneath my toes to the interesting plants and animals beneath each tree and from the blue-green ocean water and literally burning sun to the early morning river walks and frequently flying tropical birds, I experienced moments of bliss that not even a postcard could capture.

It’s funny. Australia is a place where I’d always seen in postcards (and Finding Nemo) but never thought I’d actually get to visit. It’s like looking at the Musée du Louvre from the outside and never actually being able to get in. Once you open those doors (or in my case, get off the plane), you tend to experience a moment of shock and doubt mixed with excitement and restlessness. I am really here. I am really on the other side of the world, far away from my personal phone and Internet access only when I seek it. I am free. 

I am known for early bedtimes, one drink cut-offs and strict hair-washing schedules. I like lists and knowing exactly what comes next. Away from home, it didn’t matter when I washed my hair or if I splurged on dinner and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. That was nice. It was calming to feel fully content and pleased, like I’d eaten a really fulfilling chilli combo on a cold night. Irreplaceable. No regrets.

With love. Happy Friday!

Tell us what you perceive from these photos in the comments section below and share links to your favourite travel shots. We might feature them in an upcoming Photo Friday.


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