The 10 songs I would play for Beyoncé if we were best friends and she needed advice

As I sit here listening to Beyoncé’s Resentment for possibly the 100th time today, reading the latest gossip surrounding the female superstar businesswoman and her best rapper alive hubby, Jay Z, I am experiencing a lot of feelings. Not only am I holding onto probably lost hope that Bey and Jay will not separate or divorce (because I’ve been lead to believe that their relationship is perfect), but I’m rather angry at Mister Carter, who is the one the tabloids say is most at fault! Of course, I will never know who cheated on who first, who is still cheating, whether there is only one person in the relationship who ever cheated. I am not Beyoncé’s body guard.


Yet, as one of her fans and someone who has grown up with Girl by Destiny’s Child as her motto, there are a few things I would say to Beyoncé after spending hours reading about Jay sneakin’ and not sayin’ his lady’s name! What I would say, though, are all things Beyoncé, herself, has sung to hundreds of thousands of people who idolize her and are profusely in love with her kingdom.


So here we have it: The 10 songs I would play for Beyoncé if we were best friends and she needed advice on what to do about her cray situation:

Ring the Alarm:



If I Were A Boy:

Best Thing I Never Had:

I Care:

Me, Myself and I:

Why Don’t You Love Me:





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