Photo Friday: Adventures in Europe

Let me begin by saying I am no photographer, and lord knows I’ll never claim to be. However, when the opportunity presented itself to share some snap shots of my trip to Europe, I just had to take it.

There is no denying how captivating European streets are, they have a certain je ne sais quoi (I’m so fancy y’all) that is exclusive to the continent. I was only able to see a handful of the historic European cities and sites, but, let me tell you, I was not disappointed. European streets are a mix of classic architecture and modern technologies, a juxtaposition that is almost comedic as they silently battle for your attention.

The following is just a small collection of some of the beautiful places I had the privilege of visiting and delicious foods I was able to sample while trekking across various cities in Germany, Amsterdam and Paris!

Before you begin scrolling, let me warn you to tighten your belt because your pants WILL be charmed off.


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