Toronto indie film uses Indiegogo to reach $40,000 fundraising goal

Picture this: A strange woman, dressed head to toe in baby blue, wearing a huge straw hat and holding two large plastic tote bags. Her shoes fit loosely in a pair of light pink, almost white, sandals, and her toenail polish is chipped. She is wearing small, round sunglasses. Her lips are pursed, her hair is sandy brown and straw-like in texture.

I sat in front of this woman on the subway the other day and yes, I did pass judgment.

Now, picture this: A woman in her SUV, alone, sits at her steering wheel at a red light and eats her dinner. One would assume she is coming from work and is off to an appointment, so has decided to scarf down her supper before the light turns green. But wait – she is eating her dinner off of a round plastic plate, not the disposable kind, and is holding a metal fork.

I, maybe, passed judgment on her, too.

Toronto indie film Look Again is a comedy written and directed by Daniel O’Connor about our tendency to judge others and the consequences of doing so.

Anand Rajaram as Amit
Anand Rajaram as Amit

Amit, the lead character in the film, played by Canadian actor Anand Rajaram, is the first character audiences will come to know. Amit has struggled with low self-esteem and depression due to having been betrayed by those closest to him. Amit has unfortunately also contemplated suicide. Just as the young man is about to take his own life, he is visited by his goofy guardian angels, Finley (played by Darryl Dinn) and Sebastian (played by Christian Potenza).

Finley and Sebastian give Amit a gift to change what he sees in the world around him: A pair of special glasses that allow him to see at a glance who is both good and bad to ensure he can choose his future friends wisely, to hopefully provide support instead of neglect.

For a time, these glasses give Amit the life he’s always wanted to live, before he is faced with tough decisions, once again.

The magic glasses!
The magic glasses!

Currently in the pre-production stages of the film, O’Connor and his team have been on the hunt for a location, revising their script, brainstorming and gearing up to shoot at the end of July. This low-budget film is being funded in part by an Indiegogo campaign, which is approaching its final week.

So far, Look Again’s Indigogo campaign has raised $27,709, which is 69 per cent of the $40,000 fundraising goal.

Launched in early May, this indie film has seen a lot of support from filmmakers, fans, and friends.

For contributing to the campaign, donors receive a download of the movie, a special edition DVD, tickets to the premier (which will be held in Toronto later this year) or even their name in the credits!

Though O’Connor says he enjoys the creativity that comes with the challenge of working on a tight budget. Look Again is his first time using crowd funding to support his work.

To keep up to date with this project, follow the movie on Facebook and Twitter. And check out some of the hilarious videos on the film’s YouTube channel.

Darryl Dinn, Anand Rajaram, Daniel O'Connor and Christian Potenza being angelic.
Darryl Dinn, Anand Rajaram, Daniel O’Connor and Christian Potenza being angelic.

Look Again’s Indiegogo campaign ends on Saturday, June 14th, so if you like what you’ve seen and heard, you can still support!



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