The Good Wife Season Five Finale Review: A Weird Year

“They just said they’re gonna destroy us in 48 hours. That changes everything.”  – Alicia setting the stage for an explosive hour of television.

Thank you Robin for summing up the May 18 episode. Via

The Good Wife aired the finale of its fifth season on May 18.  It is a rarity to find shows that after five seasons are still going strong, with new, fresh story lines that still feel true to the characters we have come to know and love, but, somehow, The Good Wife has managed it. This season has seen some dramatic shifts in the status-quo for our (well… MY) favourite Chicago lawyers, including the splintering of law firms and the death of a beloved main character.  Sure, the finale might not have had the jaw-dropping, edge of your seat moments that some other episodes did this season, but I’m OK with that. It brought in new elements and got me excited for the upcoming season, which is exactly what a finale is all about.


The finale was titled “A Weird Year,” which, if you’ve been following this season, you know is an incredibly appropriate one.  The characters have been pushed in new directions and they experience shake-up after shake-up, with allegiances changing so often my head is spinning.

Yet, out of all of this chaos, one of my favourite new relationships is the one between Diane and Kalinda.  They’re two characters who really never had much to do with each other, but it’s been great to see them team up against so much adversity, especially towards the end of the season.

Things were not going so great over at Florrick/Agos, but seriously, their explosive confrontation was one of the best few minutes on television of the year (Emmy’s for everyone!), however with the two new bombs that were dropped at the end of the season (one by Diane and one by Eli), could everyone finally be on the same page?

Don’t worry Alicia, I had the same reaction to Eli. Via

(Probably not, but hey, let me dream).

I’m particularly excited for Diane’s proposition as it’s what I’d been predicting (and secretly wishing) would happen ALL SEASON. Thank you writers for making my dreams come true.  We, of course, don’t know how anyone responds to anything (after all, it’s a season finale… they need to include some cliffhangers), but regardless of the outcome, the season six premiere should be fantastic.

Here’s why the finale was the perfect way to finish off the strongest season The Good Wife has had in its run: It gave us drama.  It gave us comedy (seriously… Alicia and Peter’s moms got drunk and made Lasagna together…. what?).  And most importantly, it set us up for what looks to be another incredible year.

SHAMELESS GOOD WIFE PROMOTION PARAGRAPH: For those of you who still aren’t watching this show, a) re-evaluate your life choices and b) START!  Seriously, this show has been nominated for 83 awards (29 of them are Emmy nominations). I get it, the show has a silly title that many people find off-putting, but I can guarantee that there are few shows on television that have as much depth and the cases that the lawyers handle are often ripped right from the headlines. This season had a big storyline around the National Security Agency (NSA) and past stories looked at the Boston Marathon bombing, Anonymous (the “hacktivist group”) and BitCoins (before they were cool).  Seriously, even Buzzfeed is all over it.

See you in the Fall! Via

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