Three No Doubt songs of which I will never get sick

Last night, I was driving to Etobicoke to visit one of my girlfriends. We were going out to see a movie (we saw Divergent, don’t judge us. We know we’re not 12). On the way to picking up this bestie of mine, It’s My Life by No Doubt came on the radio and I was immediately rolling down my window (it’s like five degrees in Toronto) and turning up the radio.

No Doubt formed in 1986. I wasn’t even a prospective child at that point. But, four years later, I came into the world and probably only started to hear their idgaf, soulful, jumbled up mixture of awesomeness music until I was at least 10 (which would make sense – that’s right around the time that Rock Steady bursted into sound waves). Note: This was also around the time that I was obsessed with MuchMusic and the Hit List (on YTV, obviously). If anyone disturbed me as I devoted myself to this Friday night music show, I would not have been happy.

During my drive home last night, I thought about all the No Doubt sounds I undoubtedly loved – Hey BabyJust A Girl, Hella Good – but then I really thought about it: Which No Doubt songs still bring music to my ears?

These three:

Don’t Speak:

This gem was released when I was a mere six-years-old. Leader of the pack, Gwen Stefani, wrote the song about her bandmate and ex-boyfriend, Tony Kanal, shortly after they ended their seven-year relationship.

Underneath It All:

This baby from the year 2000+1 won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 46th Grammy Awards. That was the awards show where Beyoncé won five Grammys. Maybe that’s why Underneath It All has stayed with me all these years – because I associate it with Beyoncé’s success? Maybe. But really, I just like how the song speaks about being comfortable in your own skin and loving someone underneath all their makeup, hair products and expensive clothes. As JLo said, love don’t cost a thang.

It’s My Life:

No doubt it’s your life. It’s My Life is a cover of an original piece by Talk Talk, a British band who released it as their first single in 1984. This feel good song was covered by ND while Gwen was werkin’ on her solo career (ah, I loved it while it lasted) to promote their greatest hits album, The Singles, which was released in 2003.


What is your favourite No Doubt song?



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