Covering “Drunk In Love:” Who does it best?

There are so many versions of Drunk In Love, the original song by Queen Beyoncé Knowles and her flawless ass husband, Mr. Sean Knowles-Carter, also known as Jay Z. There’s one by The Weeknd, there’s one by Kanyé West, there’s also one with Kanyé and The Weeknd and then there’s another by Vintage Big Band ft. Cristina Gatti. Who? Don’t worry, I didn’t know about them until my former coworker posted the link on my Facebook. I’m talking about these guys. There are probably like 15,000 other covers of the jam, because that’s what happens in this day in age when something catches on (and just think, our children will have hashtags and covers of really sexual songs to remember us by).


I’ve decided to look at three versions of Drunk In Love, hereby referred to as DIL, other than the original, to check out all the different moods, tunes and feels this epic song can wear and provoke: The Kimyé Kanyé, The Weekenders Weeknd and The Vintages Section in The LCBO. I will rant about them in order from what I think is the worst cover to the very best. Feel free to disagree in the comments section. All opinions welcome here, just be respectful.

The Kanyé:

You know what goes through my head when I hear this? Like, basically a soundtrack that should go with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Well for the beginning anyways, when Kanyé is all “cow-girl, somethin’ somethin’, yo’ mouf girl.” At least she has something to add to her reasons for being famous: “I, like, was the inspiration behind Kanyé’s DIL remix. He’s just so artistic.” Note: Kim K didn’t say that. I am imaging how she might refer to the cover. Clearly, she wouldn’t be as clever as these folks. Now, a DIL cover by Seth Rogan and James Franco – that would be something actually worthwhile.

The Weeknd:

The Weeknd’s cover of DIL is super explicit. But, Abel Tesfaye has got some freakin’ skills, to say the least. Despite the fact that he’s singing about using and abusing drugs, doing things to a skinny model before her runway show (who also happens to have a bloody nose) and even more models later found passed out in the shower, there’s a way this cover sounds that makes any listener feel completely b-b-b-bad to the bone. When I listen to this song, you’ll find me with a smug look on my face, hands in my pockets and my aviators on, basically with no care in the world. The Weeknd’s cover of DIL is like a party in itself. I don’t even have to deal with the hangover, I can just experience the fun by putting my headphones on. Well done, Abel. Well done.

The Vintage Big Band ft. Cristina Gatti:

This cover of DIL literally takes class and sass to a whole new level. The original song’s lyrics by Queen Bey are raunchy, let’s be honest, but Cristina Gatti takes them and makes them sound like she’s singing about wearing full-legged knickers. The Swing-like cover takes listeners back to the early 1930s through to the 1940s, a historical time filled with tension and unrest (as we all should know), but also sends with it feelings of being different from the norm, making a statement and finding acceptance. The melody behind the words makes me want to snap my fingers and boogy like I’m trying to forget about the worries outside and just trying to enjoy a simple night with the love of my life. Not to mention, the style in the cover vid is fantastic (see above). Cristina and I, we need to have a chat to discuss dress and hair tips. I’d also like to point out the fantastic way she sings “Surfboard.”


What’s your favourite DIL cover?




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