Curly Hair Problems

We all have bad hair days. As a girl with curly hair, I’ve had a few, “I’m going to cry. It’s raining out and I left my umbrella at home,” moments. Here are some of the problems I’ve experienced with my curly hair:

1. Damn it! I parted my hair too far to the side. Now I need to wash it again.


2. I need more conditioner. Again.


3. “I need to brush my hair,” said no person with curly hair, ever.


4. I will never have nice beach hair.

tankini reality5. I need a winter hat, but all the ones available for purchase will add frizz to my already poofy hair. I guess I’ll just get a coat with a really big hood. Or maybe just stick to a plastic bag. Katy Perry seems to think that’s okay.


6. Ugh. Rain.


7. “I think I’m going to straighten my hair today!” Four hours later:


8. Too much mousse! I don’t want to look like someone on  Jersey ShoreSomebody, anybody! Please help!


9. I go for a trim and everyone’s reaction is, “Wow, your hair is so short!”


10.  People say, “You only wash your hair how many times in a week?”


11. I put my hair up in a bun and when I get in the car to go somewhere, my bun hits the roof of the car.


12. I’m that girl at an outdoor concert in mid-August or in a movie theatre without air conditioning who prevents everyone behind me from seeing properly.

titanic 9

13. I don’t need a helmet to ride a bike. Trust me.


14. Post work out flyaways always look like this:


15. “Do you straighten your bangs?” Uh. Duh. Did you want to meet Medusa?


16. I walk for two minutes from the gym to work. When I get to work and check out my hair in the bathroom mirror, I look like a completely different person than from a few minutes before.

Princess Diairies

17. I straighten my hair and am then paralyzed with fear to move. Any movement could cause an unwanted flip.


18. “Your hair is so beautiful!” Oh thanks! Even though, sometimes I feel like this:


19. My eyebrows do weird things if they’re too long.


20. Why are sulphate free shampoos and conditioners so much more expensive? Herbal Essences smells so good. And it’s so cheap!

What kinds of crazy does your hair drive you?



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