Beyoncé: Somewhere Between Human and Perfect

I know how cliché it sounds to call Beyoncé perfect, but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I had the honour of seeing Mrs. Carter perform live at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Sunday night with my two best friends. We’ve loved Queen B since her days of “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Bug-a-Boo” and we’ve only just continued falling “Dangerously in Love.”

Sunday’s show wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen before. I got giddy like my five-year-old self learning my cousins were coming over after my soccer game. I got butterflies when the “Grown Woman” star said, “Hey Toronto,” as if she was talking to me and only me. I was in awe when during “Flaws and All,” Beyoncé jiggled her tricep fat, just like an average girl would. And, I will never forget how she stood in the centre of her stage with the biggest smile on her face, after the end of one of her hit singles, while the entire stadium was screaming. That big smile slowly turning into the strongest joy and most emotional laughter as if to say, “Wow. I cannot believe all these people are screaming for me.” After years and years of being on stage, you’d think the Queen of R&B would be over it. I refuse to believe it after witnessing her humble, proud and elegant performance Sunday.

I won’t give away much about The Mrs. Carter Show in terms of set list or costumes so not to spoil it for any future concert goers (like anyone could spoil Beyoncé, pshh), but I will say that remnants of the star’s past musical hits, both from her early days as a single artist and from her Destiny’s Child career, made appearances at the ACC. Beyoncé’s musical, artistic and dance talents impressed guests of all ages and genders.

There was something else in the air on Sunday that I haven’t seen at a concert since, well, ever, and I’ve been going to concerts since I was in grade five. That, my friends, would be confidence.

People were wearing whatever they wanted, however they wanted. No matter their race, whether they were male, female, thin, average build or plus-sized, everyone was rockin’ their Bootyliciousness from head to toe.

If I had a hat on right now, I’d take it off to you, Beyoncé. Not only can you sing and dance, but you really can build a nation with your persuasion.

Who run the world?



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