Music Monday: Jonathan Scherk


Catalogue: 1-12, Vancouver musician Jonathan Scherk’s latest EP, is a collection of soothing experimental sounds.

The uniting theme of the tracks is an absence of a regular beat, relying instead on a mixture of synthetic and naturalistic sounds. Disembodied vocals litter the background—whispering and muttering, and adding a haunting twist to the album.

Scherk is but one of many musicians joining the growing trend of experimental music, an avante-garde art form seeking to break away from decades-long musical conventions. Perhaps it can be said that Catalogue: 1-12 gives a sneakpeek to the sounds of the future.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear what the future sound could be like, then why not consider giving this EP a spot on your playlist? We’ve got the full EP on repeat this Music Monday. See below for more!


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