Toronto through the eyes of Instagram filters

I commute to and from work. It’s not rocket science, it’s just an hour and a bit, sometimes an hour-and-a-half, of blasting Beyoncé on my iPod, reading the latest of Rob Ford and/or Justin Bieber via the Metro paper in my hand, taking deep breaths when people cough without covering their mouths (making my blood actually boil) and looking at all the different characters that step on board the subway car – some are rather stinky, some are quite polite, others are hysterical and some are willing to share their life with you just because you happened to look their way. Despite random signal delays every day at Davisville Station and the gush of wind that comes down the Osgoode Station steps, taking the subway to and from work is really not that bad (I might feel differently as soon as I get off the subway, but when I put things into perspective afterwards, I tend to come to this realization).

Over the past two weeks, I challenged myself to take pictures of the “simple treasures” of my commute (and then I put a ton of filter on these said photos, because well, that’s what you do to make pictures of subway signs look cool).

The photos:

What are the simple joys you get to experience when you’re on the way to work or school?



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